Yoga & Pilates

Rejuvenate Foot Flexibility & Strength

Hatha Yoga teaches that toe separation is a key to overall balance and posture. As Yoga instructors recommend Yoga Sandals®, they have reported their students learning how to separate their toes for increased stability and a bodily sense of grounding. Athletes and yoga practitioners find that peak performance requires strength, quickness, and balance in a series of graceful motions beginning with the feet and building the foundation of body mechanics and alignment. Yoga Sandals® combine toe separation with heel bone support which promotes joint flexibility and strengthens muscles in your feet while increasing circulation through the arch.

Stimulate Feet & Lower Leg Muscles as You Walk & Exercise

While encased in stiff shoes, feet lose their strength and flexibility. Foot muscles and ligaments benefit from exercise just as all other body parts. Yoga Sandals® position your feet as if you were bare foot and enables your feet to exercise as you walk stimulating feet and lower leg muscles.

Yoga Sandals® Pioneered The Barefoot Revolution in 1999

The Yoga Sandals® line provides unique footwear that enhance the natural functions of the feet. And continues to lead this important movement with the recent launch of Twilight sandals. Twilight sandals gently separate toes and provide essential heel bone support while holding the foot with a unique upper foot band. As always, the dual action of any model of Yoga Sandals® strengthens foot muscles and realigns foot joints as you walk.

Balanced, Energized Feet Lead to a Balanced Healthy Body