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Video By: Sandra Sammartino

30+ Year Yoga Instructor &
20+ Year Yoga Instructor Trainer

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Sarah Jessica Parker - Look Magazine

"You guys rock! Ordered my first pair of Originals after my mother (already a convert) forwarded me an email, but the wrong size got delivered. Not only is the correct size getting shipped out, I have a pair to create another convert with! You've just gained a lifetime customer." - Ms. York, Falls Church, VA

"Thank you for offering these wonderful sandals again. I have worn the only pair I have so much, it will be nice to have new fresh ones. Great indoors on tile floors too, cushions the walk and the back. I get lots of comments, I'm a walking advertisement." - Carol H.

"I bought these sandals, because I was facing more foot surgery. The yoga sandals were recommended by a friend who gave me your catalog. Great fit, awesome support, and my feet are feeling stronger, and are not turning to the outside. I wear them every chance I get. Thanks for a great product, will be buying more soon." - Jaxston, Panama City Beach, FL

"These are the most awesome sandals ever!!! Very comfortable. I have arthritic feet, and they feel great to me. Will buy more!!!!" - Kathie P.

"I have had pain under right ball of foot for a year. Since wearing these shoes, pain is COMPLETELY GONE. Also...I can walk a good fast 30 minute walk over hills in these shoes. I do practice yoga and already had my toes "trained" for the split...might be uncomfortable if not used to that. For me, fabulous! I've told everyone! Taken catalogs to Yoga school. Get these!" - JMoon, Seattle, WA

"I've been wearing my yoga sandals for almost 2 weeks and I'm ready to order more! I have bunions, an injured toe that turns in and a little toe that gets squashed by the next toe beside it - constant feet pain in shoes, no matter how orthopedic they are and foot fatigue when barefoot for more than an hour. What a relief to wear the sandals! I already see improvement in the spacing of my toes and my feet feel stronger. Thank you so much for your excellent product! PS I also get many compliments on my Yoga Sandals!" - Lynn - Mio, MI

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