Casual Lifestyle

What could be better than exercising your feet improving your mobility, stability and alignment, while going about your everyday tasks in life? That is the health and beauty of Yoga Sandals®.

With patented technology, Yoga Sandals® separate toes and support heel bones, strengthening muscles, improving joint alignment and the capacity for agile movement.  The cushioned footbed and firm midsole combines for comfort and stability, while the padded foot strap and soft toe separators encourage foot motion as nature intended it.

Have you ever heard the term "boot feet?"  It is a term used by firemen wearing heavy protective boots as they fight fires.  When they return to the station, their feet feel like boots with toes, bones and muscles fused together.  Firemen have learned to find objects that will separate their toes and allow their feet to resume healthy blood and nerve circulation, while their joints become flexible and mobile.  We all have encountered "boot feet" as we move from closed toe, cramped shoes back to barefoot motion.  Yoga Sandals® enhance that return to healthy feet, improving and maintaining energized circulation of blood and nerves through the arch, increasing joint and bone mobility, toning and strengthening foot and calf muscles. Choosing Yoga Sandals® for everyday, casual wear begins a healthy day from the ground up!